Albion Nordic is a Nordic product distributor and service provider within the area of indoor climate, heatung, cooling and ventilation. We have several international companies using our Nordic logistic chain and services. We provide services in the Nordic area:


Logistics and warehousing

With a decentralized setup, Albion Nordic can deliver a ”close to customer” setup with fast and flexible deliveries as a result. Albion Nordic can offer local warehousing through our own warehouses or through close partnership with subcontracted partners.


Installation and warranty handling

With a Nordic network, Albion Nordic has a unique offering to the market. As one of few players we are able to offer installation services on a Nordic cross border level. With many years of experience Albion Nordic offer well defined processes, clear pricing models and a strong partnership to any player who wants to work with or adress installation/logistics on a Nordic level.


Nordic product distribution

Do you wish to reach out with your product in the Nordic market? With an extensive reseller network, Albion Nordic is a perfect partner to any manufacturer who wants to reach out in the Nordic countries. With our unique setup we cover logistics, installation, marketing and sales.