Veito CH1800RE

Veito CH1800RE is a floor standing infrared heater with the possibility of a variety of functions and settings. Ideal for indoors where extra heat is needed or on the glazed balcony. Smooth and easy to move, plus the ability to adjust the height so that maximum comfort can be achieved. Suitable for spaces up to 20 m2.

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Floor model – Veito CH1800RE is a floor standing infrared heater that effectively solves your heating needs in indoor or outdoor spaces as well as other rain-protected areas. Thanks to its design, it is easy to move with and easy to adjust in height (820-1290 mm).

Veito CH1800RE infravärmare Svart Fjärrkontroll


Many smart features – Veito CH1800RE has four power modes so you can get exactly the heat you need. It has a variety of functions and settings, including timer and temperature settings, which can be easily set with the following remote control.

Good materials – All Veito’s infrared heaters are manufactured with the latest carbon fiber technology, and so is the CH1800RE, making them durable and reliable. This leads to a long service life without worrying about you.

Safety – The safety is in the first room when it comes to the Veito CH1800RE and therefore it is equipped with anti-tip protection that works so that if the Veito CH1800RE rolls over, it automatically switches off. In addition, it also has a so-called overheating protection, which means that should the temperature exceed the set, it is automatically switched off even then.

Technical Specification

Product: Veito CH1800RE
Recommended working area: 20 m²
Max watt: 800-1700 W
Power modes: 4
Burning time (hours): 10,000
IP: 20
Amp (A): 7.4 A
Width (mm): 400
Height (mm): 1290
Cord length (cm): 190
Remote Control: Yes

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