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Veito Aero S infrared heaters are robust but still tasteful and therefore fit into most indoor and outdoor environments. With its IP44 rating, it is also equipped to cope with our harsh climate and therefore perfect to have in places like balcony, terrace or outdoor room, where you want to extend the outdoor season. Can be easily mounted on both ceiling and wall and is easily controlled with the included remote control. Suitable for about 25 m2.

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Veito Aero S infrared heater is a new, beautifully designed model, which can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. It has a modern look and does not take up much space because of its design and is therefore suitable for narrow spaces where other types of infrared heaters are not suitable. Aero S is made of recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass and is a stylish infrared heater suitable for the cafe, restaurant, patio, terrace, outdoor space etc.

Each component of the Veito Aero S infrared heater is optimized for the highest performance and, thanks to its latest carbon fiber technology, is both efficient and energy efficient, making it a good environmental choice.

Like other Veito models, the Veito Aero S is equipped with a variety of features that make the use both efficient and safe. With the supplied remote control you can easily set the heating effect, thermostat or automatic switch-off. Veito Aero S is also equipped with overheating protection which makes it safe.

Certified – Veito Aero S is also certified by TUV, an organization that guarantees quality, efficiency and safety standards.

Mounting bracket – All models are equipped with a mounting bracket and a mains cable.

Smart – Due to carbon fiber, the air does not heat directly, but also the solid bodies in its coating area, without consuming oxygen and without providing carbon dioxide.

4 Power levels – 1000W – 1500W – 2000W – 2500W.

Stainless Steel – The grille is made of 304 stainless steel with a long service life.

IP Class – The level of protection is IP44.

Remote control – All AERO S panels and their remote controls have the same frequency, so it is possible to control multiple AERO S panels with the same remote control.

Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use – Suitable for applications both inside and outside: houses, gardens, greenhouses, caravans, terraces, restaurants, garages, shops, offices, gyms, farms, studios and production facilities.

Installation Details

It can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling, provided that the minimum installation height is 1.8 m from the ground so that the panel cannot be reached during operation (Figures A and B).

Do not mount the panel on / near a flammable surface. Observe the minimum safety distance between the heater and the flammable surfaces during installation. The panel must always have a minimum distance of 0.5 m from the ceiling and the adjacent walls. If the panel is mounted outdoors, it is necessary to install a weatherproof socket.

Mount the two supports on the back of the panel with the screws, keeping a suitable distance between them.

Mount the other 2 wall brackets with the screws and staples that keep the same distance between them.

Position and place the panel on the wall using the special screws available.

Mount the best place for the panel and tighten the screws completely.

The Aero S model is characterized by:

  • Can be mounted on the wall inside and outside
  • Power 2500W
  • Carbon fiber emitting infrared rays
  • Optimal heating surface: 30 sqm
  • Remote control

Suitable for mounting in:

  • Outdoor terraces;
  • Winter gardens, verandas, greenhouses
  • Under the umbrella, outdoor bars and kiosks, towers.
  • Awnings, pergolas
  • Restaurants, hotels and pubs
  • Houses, basements, terraces, balconies
  • Work indoors or outdoors
  • Change of rooms, sports and fitness areas
  • Historic buildings, castles, old villas, mansions, holiday homes
  • Swimming pools and spa centers, wellness center
  • Churches, meeting rooms, offices
  • Exhibition rooms, exhibition halls, shops, markets
  • Please note that Veito Aero S requires a fuse that can withstand more than 10A

Technical Specification

Product: Veito Aero S
Recommended working area: 25-30 m²
Max watt: 1000-2500 W
Power modes: 4
Burning time (hours): 10,000
IP: 44
Amp (A): 10.9 A
Width (mm): 700
Depth (mm): 52
Cord length (cm): 190
Remote Control: Yes

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