Meaco 50LM

Industrial dehumidifier

Meaco 50LM is a durable and reliable industrial dehumidifier for professionals that have high demands on both quality and capacity. Built in a sturdy metal chassi with powerful wheels and folding handle, it does its job even in the most demanding conditions.

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High quality dehumidifier

The Meaco 50Lm is a robust dehumidifier for professionals that place high demands on quality, capacity and ease of use. The Meaco 50Lm can be stacked at height to save storage space when not in use, and it has a built-in pump for pumping away dehumidified water up to 3 meters in height. Other features on the Meaco 50Lmare are that the handle is foldable, sturdy wheels and wheel axles, a non-resettable hour counter and that the water can be diverted through a standard connection for the water hose. The Meaco 50Lm has a cleanable filter, so the air is cleaned even when the Meaco 50Lm is running.

Meaco 50Lm dehumidifies up to 50 liters per day

Meaco 50Lm has a rotary compressor that is made to increase the efficiency of the product. Depending on the room temperature and the relative humidity of the area that is to be dehumidified, it can dehumidify up to 50 liters of water per day. The water is removed via a built-in pump that can pump the water up to 3 meters, which can be valuable when used in cellars for example. The hose connection on Meaco 50Lm is a standard “garden hose connection”, which means that Meaco 50Lm is easy to connect any hose length and hose type.

Hour meter that cannot be reset

The built-in hour meter on Meaco 50Lm cannot be reset. This makes the Meaco 50Lm perfect for those companies who want to rent out a dehumidifier, or in case you want to see how long the dehumidifier has been operating to calculate the power consumption. In the event of insurance claims, the use of a dehumidifier in housing can lead to higher power consumption, and in these cases the hour meter is important for demonstrating how long it has been in operation, in order for proper compensation for electricity consumption to be paid.

The Meaco 50Lm is powerful and heavy-duty

The Meaco 50L is made from an extremely robust metal casing with a reinforced axial for extra strength. But despite this the Meaco 50Lm actually very easy to move and manuever. The Meaco 50Lm has two foldable handles that makes it easier to move, and because they are foldable they also save storage.

Meaco 50Lm is perfect for house restoration

Obviously the Meaco 50L is ideal for many different situations, and one of them is house restoration. Because of the Meaco 50Lm has such high capacity and the possibility to move the water away up to 3 meters, the Meaco 50Lm becomes perfect for applications below ground and basements.

Meaco is a well known manufacturer of dehumidifiers

Meaco started in 1991 and began with creating the perfect air conditions for art galleries and museum. Those are some of the most demanding circumstances for air quality anywhere, and since then they’ve expanded their product range a lot. They now create, amongst other products, air purifiers, disiccent dehumidifiers and industrial air purifiers.

Meaco is a British company that sells dehumidifers to over 20 countries, and their experience and expertise is well trusted within the industry. They have been making products designed for home use for a long time now, and have come a long way since their museum days. Their industrial dehumidifers are well respected, and are truly built to last.



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