Arctus Fenja 20

Arctus Fenja 20 is an air dehumidifier with an extra 4D filter. Modern air dehumidifier that effectively dehumidifies and cleans your spaces. This air dehumidifier suits you with a basement house, for you with a laundry room or if you simply want to quickly and efficiently dry your clothes.

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Fenja 20 is a stylish air dehumidifier with smart features and easy user interface. It is quiet, easy to move and has a user-friendly water tank that is easy to change without water spillage. Dehumidifier Fenja 20 is prepared for continuous drainage via hose connection.

The new Fenja 20 dehumidifier comes with both a 4D filter and a dust filter. The extra 4D filter is for those who want to counter mold, fungus and bacteria – factors that contribute to poor air.

Arctus 4D-filter verkar inom 4 områden

  • fångar upp damm och skräp
  • antimögelfunktion
  • antialgfunktion
  • antibakteriellfunktion

Arctus 4D filter works in 4 areas

  • catches dust and junk
  • anti-mold function
  • anti algae function
  • anti bacterial function


Other smart features are automatically restarted during power outages, selectable dehumidifying mode, timer, fan modes and auto full stop stopper.
Fits surfaces up to 60 m2.


For indoor use only


Dehumidifies – 20 L per day

Nominal power – 345W ± 15% at 30 ℃ and 80% RH

Restart – Automatic Restart

Dehumidification modes – Several dehumidifying modes

Timer – Set the time to suit you

Fan – Multiple fan modes

Cleanable – Easy to clean pre-filter

Drainage – Prepared for continuous drainage via hose connection

Stop – Auto stop at full container

Filter – Supplied with dust filter and 4D filter

It is a condensation dehumidifier

Weight 9.7 kg
Dimensions 35 × 24.2 × 58.6 cm

Fenja 20

Capacity of water tank

3,8 L

Maximum airflow

140 m3/h



Nominal effect

at 30 °C and 80% RH: 345W ± 15%

Minimum noise level

34 dB (A)

Maximum noise level

46 dB (A)

Operating temperature



1 year


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