Arctus Arida Pro S8

Desiccant dehumidifier

The Arctus Arida Pro S8 is an efficient and robust desiccant dehumidifier that can be used in environments and temperatures where most dehumidifiers do not meet the requirements. In addition, it is very small (20 x 20x 20 cm) and very quiet, which makes it fit almost everywhere. In addition to being connected to 230V, it can also be connected to 12V, which also makes it exemplary in boats, campers or caravans.

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The Arctus Arida Pro S8 has a lot of advantages

  • Arctus Arida Pro S8 can dehumidify 8 liters of water / day
  • Dehumidifes 90 m³ air/h
  • Blows the moisture out of the room like humid air (not liquid water)
  • Practical technology that prevents water from being collected in a tank
  • Arctus Arida Pro S8 can be used at all temperatures, even in frost
  • Has a built-in hygrostat to control humidity
  • Quiet and easy to assemble
  • Arctus Nordic model Arida Pro S8 is a smart dehumidifier with superior performance that can be used in many environments

Arctus Arida Pro S8 is well suited for the following environments;

  • Cellar
  • Garage
  • Washroom
  • Attic / loft
  • Crawlspace
  • Boat
  • Stable and saddle chamber
  • Mobile home and caravan
  • Storehouse
  • Vacation house

Arctus Arida Pro S8 has the following performance;

Arctus Arida Pro S8 is a desiccant dehumidifier

Compared to a dehumidifier using traditional compressor technology, the capacity of a desiccant (sorption) dehumidifier is superior at low temperatures. A compressor dehumidifier with a nominal capacity of 25 liters/day dehumidifies less than the Arctus Arida Pro S8 at temperatures below 17-18 degrees.

Very quiet

Arctus Arida Pro S8 is very quiet and can be used in residential areas without being perceived as disturbing.

Arctus Arida S8 Pro has a compact design

The Arctus Arida Pro S8 is very small and fits almost anywhere, with dimensions of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm. Arctus Arida Pro S8 is one of the smallest dehumidifiers on the market.

Arctus Arida Pro S8 has an easily accessible filter

The dust filter is in a metal frame adjacent to the air supply. This can easily be removed with two locking clips, without tools. The air filter can easily be cleaned and a clean filter extends the life span of the product and improves performance.

Easy installation with Arctus Arida Pro S8

The Arctus Arida Pro S8 has four feet. These can be turned sideways and have holes that allow you to screw it in. The dehumidifier can also be placed on a either a shelf or on the floor. It can also be mounted on a wall or upside down in the ceiling. The weight is only 5 kg.

Built-in hygrostat

It is important to wipe away the moisture, but it must never get too dry. The Arctus Arida Pro S8 has a built-in hygrostat that can be operated from the outside of the dehumidifier. You can easily set how dry you want the air, and the dehumidifier is turned on and off in relation to this. You can also decide if the fan should stop running when the air is dry or if you want it to continue (though without dehumidifying) to maintain air circulation.

Possibility of external hygrostat for the Arctus Arida Pro S8

In addition to the built-in hygrostat, you can also connect an external hygrostat to the Arctus Arida Pro S8. This is handy if you want to measure the humidity elsewhere than where the dehumidifier drains the air.

You can connect the air hose

The Arctus Arida Pro S8 can be connected with a 125 mm air hose. This is handy as the dehumidifier can suck in the humid air from somewhere other than where it is, but the dry air is released where the air cleaner is located. In this way valuable air circulation is created which means that for example attics and cellars dry out faster.

You get the wet air out of the room

The humid air is blown out of a 41 mm nozzle. Here you have to use a hose or drainage pipe and vent out the humid air, usually outdoors through a valve or other hole. Keep in mind that there must be a fall downwards, so any condensation water will run out of the dehumidifier and not back. The advantage of this technique is that you do not have to empty a water tank or drain the water into a drain. Arctus Arida Pro S8 is therefore convenient for placement where drains are missing and in areas where you do not always have supervision, such as attics, crawl space, garage, storage room, boat and camper/caravan.

Power supply 230 Volt

The Arctus Arida Pro S8 is easily connected to a 220V / 50Hz grounded power outlet. The dehumidifier comes with a 5 meter cord.

Power supply 12 Volts

The Arctus Arida Pro S8 uses 350 watts and can be used on a 12 volt / 230 V power changer in a boat, camper or caravan.

Arctus Arida Pro S8 has Automatic restart

If a power failure occurs, Arctus Arida Pro S8 will continue to operate as soon as the power returns.

Stable construction

Arctus Arida Pro S8 is built in a solid metal chassi. The control panel, connection points and power supply are well protected.

Safe and secure to use

Everything you need to use with Arctus Arida Pro S8 is on the outside. You never have to open it, which makes Arctus Arida Pro S8 a child-safe product.



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