Arctus Arida Pro S25

Desiccant dehumidifier

Arctus Arida Pro S25 is a compact stainless steel desiccant dehumidifier made for harsh environments that can dehumidify up to 25 liters of water per day. Arctus Nordic Pro S25 can be used at all temperatures, even in frost. Exemplary for use in storage, attic, garage or crawl space. In addition, it works perfectly well to use after water damage or in the new production of housing/premises.

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Robust, flexible stainless steel dehumidifier for use in demanding environments.

The Arctus Arida Pro S25 works in all temperatures, even in frost, and can dehumidify up to 25 liters of water / day. Because the Arctus Arida Pro S25 is a desiccant dehumidifier, the effect is superior to the more common compressor dehumidifier, which loses power at temperatures below 17-18 degrees.

The Arctus Arida Pro S25 dehumidifies effectively at all temperatures and the Arctus Arida Pro S25 model does not collect water in a water tank, but the humid air must be vented out of the room. The moisture is blown out of the building via a hose and the dry air is simultaneously returned to the building. The advantage of this technology is that it fits well in environments where there is no drain or where the dehumidifier does not have constant supervision.

Typical applications for Arctus Arida Pro S25 are:

  • Water damage
  • Storehouse
  • New production of housing / premises
  • Attic and crawl ground
  • Commercial facilities
  • The food industry
  • Garage and storage
  • Cellar
  • Laundry room and drying room

It is easy to place the Arctus Arida Pro S25 as it is compact and does not need to be mounted in the room that is to be dried. Arctus Arida Pro S25 can be placed in another room and suck air from the place to be dried, via air hoses. The dehumidifier technology makes it an economical and energy efficient way to dry, especially at low temperatures.

What should you consider when buying an Arctus Arida Pro S25?

Arctus Arida Pro S25 requires some installation, since a hose is needed to vent the humid air.

Arctus Arida Pro S25 is the most economical solution at low temperatures, but if the temperature is constantly above 20 degrees, getting a compressor dehumidifier is the more economical option.

What maintenance does Arctus Arida Pro S25 require?

It is very important to keep the air filter on the Arctus Arida Pro S25 clean. This is both to protect the Arctus Arida Pro S25 from dust and contamination, but also to provide the Arctus Arida Pro S25 with enough air so that it can dehumidify the air effectively. A clean filter means that the Arctus Arida Pro S25 gets a longer life span, higher power and lower operating costs / power consumption. The air filter on Arctus Arida Pro S25 is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

How does a desiccant dehumidifier work?

Very simply explained, it consists of a box with a fan, a heater and a slowly rotating dryer rotor. This rotor is a disc with many small holes that in one sector absorbs moisture as the fan blows the humid air through the rotor. In another sector, the dehumidifier blows hot air through the rotor and the moisture is released. The dried air is blown back into the building while the humid air is led out of the machine via a hose, out of the building. The process is called a disiccant or sorption/adsorption process. Some also call such machines a rotor humidifier. The advantages are that it is super-efficient at temperatures below 17-18 degrees, and that you do not have to think about emptying the water tank.





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