Arctus Nordic Caravan AC

Arctus Caravan AC is a smart and practical portable cooling system designed for mainly caravans and motorhomes. It has a capacity and design that makes it also suitable for lowering the temperature in the boat, bedroom, guest house or where the dog should sleep (in animal shelters, for example dog bunk). Arctus Caravan AC consists of two parts, one for indoor placement and one for outdoor placement. You recognize the principle of the traditional air heat pump.

For areas up to 14 m2.

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Soft extract air hose

The big difference between Arctus Caravan AC and an air heat pump is that Arctus Caravan AC has a soft and flexible hose connection between the outdoor part and the indoor part. The hose is 1 meter, which allows the unit to be taken up and down easily, and moved between different rooms or places, without the need for tools. If we compare the Arctus Caravan AC with a traditional portable AC, which you may have at home in the bedroom or the living room on hot summer days, the portable AC has a really thick exhaust hose to be connected through a half-open window. With the thin hose coupling found on the Arctus Caravan AC, the window can be almost completely closed, which reduces the cost of cooling and at the same time it gives you a faster cooling effect!

No Certified Installer Needed

The coolant is already refilled in the system and no certified cooling technician is needed to install the unit.

Cooling power

Arctus Caravan AC has a cooling power of 2,400 BTU and 750 Watt and fits well in rooms up to about 12-14 m².

Easy handling

Arctus Caravan AC has 3 cooling power modes as well as 2 fan speeds and a smart and practical timer function. You control the unit via the indoor unit’s LCD display.

Dehumidifier function

Arctus Caravan AC can also dehumidify the air, which is handy during late summer days when the humidity is high. It can dehumidify up to 0.8 liters / hour and it automatically delivers the water to the outdoor condenser where the water evaporates. Any remaining water that the unit does not have the ability to evaporate can be discharged via a pipe on the underside of the outdoor section.


Mounting kit is included, consisting of suspension devices.

Features and performance

  • The interior part has an LCD display for controlling all functions
  • The system has two different fan speeds, HIGH & LOW
  • The air conditioner has 4 cooling effect modes
  • Integrated timer from 0.5 up to 7.5 hours
  • Recommended for living space up to about 12-14 m²
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Equipped with a large handle for smooth transport

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