LifeAir Evolution

LifeAir (Lightair) IonFlow Evolution is the home theater version. There have been major improvements in user-friendliness, functionality, material and design. Evolution offers an unbeatable combination of benefits; efficient, quiet, filter-free, ozone-free, energy-efficient, user-friendly and economical! It fits perfectly on a table, on a desk or on the floor.

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Effective – Effectively reduces airborne particles (size 0.01-1.0 μm) such as dust, pollen, smoke, allergens, bacteria, viruses, molds, and more. It is especially effective in cleaning the air from the smallest particles that are considered to be the most dangerous for our health.


Filter-free – No expensive filters to replace a collector that you simply clean in water and detergent if needed.

Quiet – Less than 21 dB, as a comparison considered 45 dB prevent and interfere with daily activity. Many other air cleaners have an audio level between 35-80 dB.

Energy-efficient – Gets only 12V and consumes only 7W per hour, which is significantly lower than most air purifiers. Energy consumption is important for all air purifiers, as they should be on a continuous basis to effectively lower the particle concentration.

Ozone free – 0 ppm, ozone level is not even measurable and is therefore considered to be zero.

Award-winning design – Fresh and Scandinavian impression that gives the consumer a good alternative to the major traditional air cleaners.

LifeAir IonFlow Evolution has been awarded a number of prestigious design awards, including the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) and the Elle Decor Rising Star Award.

Easy to install and maintain – Just plug in and let the air cleaner do his job. There are only 4 parts to assemble and no moving parts that can easily break! The maintenance is easy and easy to handle as you occasionally only lift the collector and clean it in water.

Environmentally friendly – LifeAir strives to respect the environment throughout the product’s entire life cycle.

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 59 cm
Recommended room size

50 m²

Electricity consumption

5 W

Maximum noise level

21 dB (A)

Particle reduction

Effectively eliminates particles (size 0.01-1.0 μm). Especially effective against the smallest and most dangerous particles (nanoparticles below 0.1 μm), but also on larger particles (1.0-25.0 μm) at an acceptable level.

Ion production

250,000 negative ions / cm3 at 1 meter distance.

Child protection


Decoration light


Floor model



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