Coway Classic 1018F

Coway Classic AP-1018F is the second generation air purifier and a first-rate successor to our successful model Coway AP-1008CH. Coway Classic is a modern and stylish air purifier equipped with smart features and high performance. Recommended room size 55 m².

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Coway Classic

Coway Classic AP-1018F has the same features as Coway 1008CH, it alerts when it is time to change filters and like its predecessor, Coway Classic has three filters, the difference being the mid-filter, that has been replaced with a highly efficient deodorizing carbon filter in granular form. Another novelty is that Coway Classic has a child safety lock.

Coway Classic AP-1018F is recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic

Asthma Allergy NordicIn April 2019 it was decided that the air purifier Coway Classic AP-1018F is recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic, which is the common product label for the three Nordic allergy associations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


*Recommendation refers to operating mode 2 and 46 m³.


The European Center for Allergy Research Foundation, (ecarf)Coway Classic 1018F is ECARF certified

ECARF is a European Quality Label (The European Center for the Allergy Research Foundation) of great value to those suffering from asthma and allergy. ECARF uses different criteria to evaluate the products and these criteria have been developed by an independent advisory panel, which consists of 15 international technician and researchers.


Air Quality Indicator

A LED indicator (the circle in the middle of the air purifier) gives real-time information on the air quality by switching between different colors. Blue for clean air, Green for slightly polluted air, Yellow for polluted air and Red for heavily polluted air.

Auto Mode

The fan speed is automatically adjusted to current air quality. We recommend always having Coway Classic in Auto Mode for the most economical and practical operation.

Dark Room Mode

Air Purifier Buttons and Air Quality Indicator can be turned off both manually or automatically. A light sensor detects when the room gets dark and after 5 minutes the unit lights goes down. When the light returns, the lighting is activated again after about 5 minutes.

Coway AP-1018F Top View


Eco Mode

If you want air cleaning with silent operation and minimal power consumption, you can manually run Coway Classic in Eco Mode.





Sleep Mode

When Coway Classic 1018F is used in Auto Mode and the room gets dark, the air purifier goes in Sleep Mode. The air purifier goes into Eco Mode and the Air Quality Indicators lights will go out, which means that Classic can advantageously be placed in the bedroom without disturbing the night’s sleep. When the light is turned back on, the air purifier will run normal operation.

Coway Classic 1018F

Child Safety Lock

You can lock all buttons on Coway Classic, with the child safety lock the air purifier cannot be maneuvered.

Auto Stop

If the front is removed to access the filters, Coway Classic 1018F stops automatically.

3-Step Filter System

Coway Classic has a prefilter that captures hair and dust. It should be vacuumed and rinsed off with water regularly and does not need replacement. Behind the prefilter is a deodorizing filter consisting of activated carbon in granular form, that filters out odors. The deodorant filter is changed every 12 months. Thereafter is the super-efficient HEPA filter that removes bacteria, microparticles, mold spores, mites, pollen and other harmful particles. The HEPA filter is changed every 12 months.

Filter Change Indicator

A LED lamp and audio signal indicates when it is time to change filters in the Coway Classic 1018F. After filter change, the indicator and alarm needs to be reset with a simple push of a button.

Particle Sensor

Coway 1018F has a sensitive particle sensor that constantly measures the air quality in the room. Running Classic in Auto mode, the fan speed will automatically adjust according to the particle sensor measures the air quality. The sensitivity of the particle sensor can be set in 3 different modes (High, Medium or Low) where Medium is the factory setting.

Economic & Silent

With a power consumption of maximum 38W (at Turbo fan speed), the operation of Coway Classic is extremely economical and environmentally friendly.

Maximun Air Cleaning Level

With its powerful but quiet fan, Coway Classic have 4 different fan speeds. Classic will in maximum position ventilate 4.4 m³ air / minute (264 m³ air / hour). Converted to a room with a normal ceiling height of 240 cm, this means that the Coway Classic can clean all air 2 times / hour on a living space of 55 m².

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Recommended room size

55 m²

Maximum airflow

264 m³/h


38 W

Maximum noise level

47,4 dB (A)

Electricity consumption

Max 38 W, 230V, 50Hz


1 year


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