Coway AirMega 1515G air purifier

Coway AirMega 1515G is a high performance air purifier with double air intakes, for those who aspire to get the best indoor climate possible. It comes with an app that lets you take control of the air that you and your family breathe, as well as other smart features. It is a very quiet air purifier that rids your home of damaging airborne particles.

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High performance for larger areas

AP-1515G Component

With the new Coway AirMega AP-1515G/300S you get an air purifier with very high capacity and performance in a stylish, clean and compact design. Coway AirMega allows you to control and monitor the unit via your smartphone. AirMega is suitable in public premises, offices, schools, pre-schools, healthcare and in your house or apartment.

The unique thing about Coway AirMega is that it draws in air from two directions. With double air intakes the capacity becomes very high and Coway AirMega is recommended for areas up to 117 m². This means that it can convert all air twice/hour on a space of 117 m².

On Coway AirMega you can switch off its lights and put the fan speed into super quiet operation. This feature makes it suitable in bedrooms or hospital wards. AirMega is equipped with LED-indicator, showing the current air quality in four different colours.

Coway AirMega comes with filter kits consisting of pre-filter and MAX2 filter, which is a combination filter consisting of a Green HEPA filter and deodorant filter containing granular active carbon. With this unique filter combination, 99.97% of all particles are eliminated down to 0.3 microns (µm). AirMega alerts when it is time to clean the pre-filters and when to replace the MAX2 filters.

Monitor with the app

Coway AirMega can be controlled and monitored via your smartphone. In the “IOCare” app you can see current as well as historical air quality, use the timer function, change fan speed, get filter change or cleaning notifications etc. Note that the IOCare app is only available in English.

Coway AirMega is recommended by the Asthma & Allergy Association* in Sweden, Norway and Denmark under the brand Asthma & Allergy Nordic (*Recommendation refers to speed 1, 32 m²). Read more about Asthma Allergy Nordic here    AirMega is also ECARF certified, which is a European quality mark with great value for those suffering from asthma and allergy, but also a quality stamp and guidance for those who are unsure of which model to choose. Read more here

Great features

Air Quality Indicator – LED indicator gives real-time indication of air quality by switching in 4 different colours. From blue/green indicating clean air up to red/purple indicating heavily polluted air.

Dual Air Intake – The air is drawn in from two sides of the air purifier, creating superefficient air flow, faster purification function and quieter operation.

Smart Mode – The recommended operating mode where the fan speed is automatically adjusted to the prevailing air quality and it’s also the most economical and practical operation. See Eco Mode below.

Eco Mode – When AirMega is running in Smart Mode, the Eco Mode feature is activated. This means that if the air quality remains good for 10 minutes, the fan automatically switches off to save power. However, the particle sensor is always in operation and if the air quality deteriorates, the fan will start automatically. If AirMega is in Eco Mode with the fan switched off and the air quality has been good for 30 minutes, the fan is automatically activated for 10 minutes, and then switched off again for a maximum of 30 minutes if the air quality is still good.

Sleep Mode – You can manually turn off its lights and/or put the fan in Sleep Mode, which means that the fan runs in super quiet operation. This feature allows AirMega to be placed in the bedroom without disturbing the night’s sleep.

Auto Stop – If any side cover is removed to access the filters, AirMega stops automatically.

3-Step Filter System – AirMega has dual filter systems, as it draws air from two sides. The pre-filters catch hair and dust and it is never replaced but must be cleaned regularly. Behind each pre-filter is a MAX2 filter consisting of a combi-filter, containing a granular activated carbon deodorant filter and a Green HEPA filter. The MAX2 filter eliminates odors, cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors as well as bacteria, microparticles, mold spores, mites, pollen and other harmful substances. AirMega’s filter system eliminates 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns (µm).

Filter Change Indicator – AirMega alerts when it is time to replace or clean the filters. Reset the alarm by pressing a button on the unit or via the app. The MAX2 filters should be changed every 12 months under normal use and new filter sets can be ordered as a separate item.

Particle Sensor – AirMega has a sensitive particle sensor that constantly measures the air quality in the room. In Smart Mode, the fan speed automatically adjusts to how the particle sensor responds to air quality. The sensitivity of the particle sensor can be set in three modes (high, medium or low) where the medium mode is the factory setting. The particle sensor is cleaned regularly as instructed.

Economic & Silent – AirMega draws 57 W (at maximum fan speed) and has a sound level between 22–52 dB. With the unique Eco Mode and Sleep Mode feature the operation of AirMega becomes extremely economical, environmentally friendly and quiet.

Maximum Air Cleaning Level – With its dual air inlets, AirMega can ventilate 9.35 m³ air/minute (561 m³ air/hour) at maximum fan speed. Converted to a room with a normal ceiling height of 240 cm, AirMega can clean all air 2 times/hour on a living space corresponding to 117 m².

IOCare App – A free downloadable app for convenient remote control, monitoring and statistics of AirMega. The app is available in English only and is downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. You must have WiFi to use the app. NOTE! The app is not a requirement for managing and controlling AirMega but the app is only a voluntary accessory.

Filter information:

The Coway AirMega AP-1515G/300S comes with all filters for about 12 months of operation and since the air purifier draws air from dual inlets, it is dual filter kits. The pre-filter is never changed but must be cleaned regularly. Complete filter packages can be ordered as a separate item and it contains 2 pieces of MAX2 filters.

Download content for Coway AirMega 1515G at the Downloads page.


Coway AirMega AP-1515G/300S

Maximum airflow

561 m³/h


2 years


532 mm


345 mm


345 mm


9,7 kg

Maximum noise level

57 dB(a)

Minimum noise level

22 dB(a)

Electricity consumption

Max 57W, 230V, 50Hz


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