Coway 1010DH

Coway APM-1010DH is a unique air purifier as it also humid the air in the room – an unbeatable combination! Coway APM-1010DH has four effective filters that keep your home free from pollen, hazardous particles, dust, viruses, bacteria and various odors, etc. Coway APM-1010DH can handle areas up to 67 m² in terms of air purification capacity, and 33 m² in terms of moisture capacity.

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Coway APM-1010DH has a powerful Anti Flu HEPA filter that filters down particles to only 0.26 microns (μm) and cleans up to very good 99.5%.

The different filters eliminates:

  • Prefilter – Removes relatively large dust bags, mold, hair from animals and humans. The filter is never replaced, but should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner and should also be cleaned in water.
  • MCC Medium Filter – An effective combination filter with several different features. The MCC Medium Filter removes pollen, viruses, poisonous gases and bacteria, such as legionella and flu.
  • Deodorizing Filters – The active carbon particles in the deodorizing filter eliminate bad odors and unpleasant household extinguishers.
  • Anti Flu HEPA filter – Coway’s innovative Anti Flu HEPA captures micro particles and expels viruses with up to 99.5% efficiency. Natural substances from ginkgo and Japanese summer trees destroy the protein on the surface of the virus. The filter also removes fine dust and cigarette smoke, while the antibacterial and anti-bacterial properties eliminate bacteria and mold.
  • Water Filter – Creates natural evaporation through its special network structure. Choose between the functions only air purification or combined air purification and humidification.


1010DH Adjustable humidity level: 40%, 50%, 60% or Max.

Humidity indicator – A hygrometer appears on the LED display, which shows your current level of humidity and the humidity system can evaporate up to 450 ml per hour. Humidity is created naturally and is safe for the human respiratory system, as 0.1 nm large particles can not transmit viruses, for example, and homes and furniture remain safe as the water molecules can not attach and cause mold and mildew.

Auto Off Timer – You can choose 1-8 hours to automatically turn off when the desired time has passed.

Auto light On/Off – Switches to sleep mode for extreme quiet operation when the room turns dark and the air cleaner can therefore be placed in a bedroom.

Particle Sensor – Has the ability to read the air cleanliness of your home and automatically adjusts to the fan level needed for the moment.

Air Quality Indicator – Shows in different colors what air quality you currently have.

Dust Mode – You can select this mode to get a high fan speed operation where the air is changed to the maximum.

Airflow controls – 4 fan speeds so you can adjust the desired speed level.

Filter change interval – Approximately 12 months

1010DH filter


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 41 × 24.3 × 58.6 cm


Recommended room size

67 m²

Maximum airflow

324 m³/h

Humidification capacity

450 ml/h


44 W

Minimum noise level

18 dB(A)

Maximum noise level

49 dB (A)

Adjustable humidity levels


Electricity consumption

40-50 W




1 year

1 review for Coway 1010DH

  1. MiroD

    Verkligen mycket tyst! Mycket effektiv. Lite for stor. Lite för liten vattentank. Absolut prisvärd!

    Viss osäkerhet ändå: fläktmotor har pajad redan efter ca 6, men å andra sida de har fantastiskt
    service, med mycket bra kontakt, och hela enheten blev utbytt mycket snabbt.

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