Coway 1009CH

Coway AP-1009CH is an affordable and highly efficient air purifier in stylish prize awarded design, approved by the Swedish Asthma & Allergy Association and the British Allergy Association. With its built-in 3-step filter system, the air purifier captures particles like dust, mold, cigarette odors, cooking odors, pollen and more to give you clean and fresh air around the clock, at one of the best prices for a product in this quality class. Recommended area up to 63 m2.

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The European Center for Allergy Research Foundation, (ecarf)

The European Center for Allergy Research Foundation, ECARF

Coway AP-1009CH is allergy tested and certified by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation, ECARF. The criteria they uses to evaluate the product, is developed by an independent advisory panel of 15 international technicians and scientists.




Recommended by the swedish Asthma & Allergy Association And Asthma Allergy Nordic

Recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association

Recommended for anyone with special needs, including those with allergies or asthma.

The recommendation refers to operating mode 1 and 19 m2.




Coway AP-1009CH filters particles down to size 0.26 microns (μm), cleans up to 99.5% and is of course equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter.

Coway AP-1009CH has a 3-stage filter system consisting of:

  • UFY prefilter – Treated with antibacterial material and removes relatively large dust, mold, hair from humans and pets, and more.
  • Deodorant filter – Eliminates odors from, for example, food, harmful gas and unpleasant household extinguishers.
  • HEPA filter – The super efficient HEPA filter effectively removes fine particles and cigarette smoke while eliminating bacterial and mold antibacterial functions in the filter kit.

All filters can be vacuum cleaned from the front so that the particles are not pulled further into the filter.


1009CH filterFilter Change Indicator – Smart indicator that shows when it’s time to change filters.
Particle Sensor – Has the ability to read the air quality in the room and automatically set the fan to the correct speed.
Airflow controls – 4 manual fan speeds.
Quiet operation – High efficiency air purification with quiet operation.
Auto Mode – Automatically adjusts airflow rate based on air quality.
Energy Class A – The air cleaner knows how much it must work depending on the air quality you have in the room.
Air Quality Indicator – Shows in different colors what air quality you currently have.
Filter change interval – Approximately 36 months





Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 35.3 × 20.3 × 65.5 cm


Recommended room size

63 m²

Maximum airflow

303 m³/h




44 W

Minimum noise level

22 dB (A)

Maximum noise level

49 dB (A)

Electricity consumption

38 W




1 year

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