Panasonic NZ9SKE

The NZ Series Panasonic NZ9 is an efficient and reliable air heat pump. The well though-out design makes it perfect as a replacement pump for your old Panasonic. Possibility of remote control over the Internet. Capable to keep a nice indoor temperature even when it's down to minus 35 degrees outdoors. Increased energy efficiency makes a favor for both the environment and wallet. For houses up to 150 m².

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Perfect as replacement pump

Dimensions and designs on the Panasonic NZ9SKE are adapted to replace your old air heat pump. The inner braces need not be replaced and can maintain the same location as the previous inner part.

Maintenance heat

The Panasonic NZ9 has a special feature for keeping frost-free temperatures in, for example, garage, retreat houses and vacation homes.

Better indoor environment

Effective system for cleaning the indoor environment from airborne bacteria, mold and viruses. In addition, it is super-quiet, only 19 dB (A).

Remote control

Wherever you are located, you can control your Panasonic NZ9SKE via remote control. With Internet connection you have the ability to perform all the features that you can usually do on site.

PanasonicContribute to a better environment

With the Panasonic NZ9 and the energy efficiency given in combination with lower GWP, you can do both the environment and your wallet a favor. The new refrigerant R32 makes this possible.

With the Panasonic NZ9 you not only get an ideal indoor climate. You also contribute to a better environment. The refrigerant used is called R32. This means that you contribute to a lower “Global Warming Potential” compared to other refrigerants.




The maintenance heat can be set to handle indoor temperatures even in the coldest times. This prevents the temperature from falling below zero degrees, and fits perfectly when you stay at the summer house during the winter months. With remote control over the Internet, you can keep track of the remote temperature. This is an option that can be ordered through us.



Panasonic NZ9SKE

Indoor unit


Outdoor unit




Heat capacity

850-6000 W

Cooling capacity

2500 W

Heat capacity at -7 ° C

3800 W

Heat capacity down to at least


COP at -7 °C


Heat capacity at -15 ° C

3200 W

COP at -15 °C


Heat capacity at -20 ° C

2600 W

COP at -20 °C


Heat capacity at -25 ° C

2000 W

COP at -25 °C



4,6 A++

Inside power heating capacity

165-1630 W

Inside power cooling capacity (nominal)

170-700 W

Annual energy heating capacity

852 kWh/a

Annual energy cooling capacity

118 kWh/a


7,40 W A++

Airflow heating / cooling

726/624 m3/h

Indoor dimensions (HxWxD)

295x919x194 mm

Outdoor dimensions (HxWxD)

622x824x299 mm

Energy class


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