Panasonic NZ12SKE

Panasonic NZ12SKE ger skön inomhusvärme även de kallaste dagarna. Klarar ytor upp till 180 m2. Utöver detta kan du enkelt byta ut din äldre Panasonic luftvärmepump med denna utan att behöva montera nytt fäste och du behåller samma placering. Spara på miljö och plånbok, välj NZ12SKE!

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Folksam Good Choice 2016

In 2016, this air heat pump was appointed
“Good Choice” by Folksam

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Handles large surfaces

Panasonic NZ12SKE is capable of large areas, up to a total of 180 m².

Exchange pump

Well thought-out design allows you to replace your old Panasonic heat pump with NZ12SKE. If you replace your old Panasonic with NZ12SKE, you will not need to mount new brackets and can keep the same location.

Maintenance heat

This feature allows you to keep a freeze-free temperature. A good feature for the summerhouse or other retreat home.

PanasonicGreener environment

The NZ12SKE refrigerant is a highly efficient means that contributes to a better environment and reduced thr greenhouse effect.

Remote controller

Prepared to be remotely controlled via the Internet. With this feature, you can with your PC, tablet or phone control the functions of your NZ12SKE just as if you were in place at your pump.

Super quiet

The indoor unit is extremely quiet. The low noise level makes it barely noticeablem, and with a slim design, it will be the perfect choice.


The Panasonic NZ12SKE is not only effective when it comes to saving the your economy, it’s efficient, can handle large areas, and delivers warmth when it’s supercold outside.

Choose Panasonic

More than one million customers have chosen Panasonic in the Nordic region. We think you should do it too. Over thirty years, Panasonic has been on the market and will remain. A security for you as a customer.


When investing in a Panasonic NZ12SKE, you contribute to a better environment and reduced greenhouse effect. Especially because the new R32 refrigerant is used in this pump. Combined with new efficient inverter technology, it contributes to a better environment.


Panasonic NZ12SKE

Indoor unit


Outdoor unit




Heat capacity

850-7200 W

Cooling capacity

4000 W

Heat capacity at -7 ° C

4500 W

COP at -7 °C


Heat capacity at -15 ° C

4100 W

COP at -15 °C


Heat capacity at -20 ° C

3500 W

COP at -20 °C


Heat capacity at -25 ° C

2900 W

COP at -25 °C



4,60 A++

Inside power heating capacity

165-2300 W

Inside power cooling capacity (nominal)

170-1100 W

Annual energy cooling capacity

173 kWh/a

Airflow heating / cooling

744/666 m3/h

Indoor dimensions (HxWxD)

295x919x194 mm

Outdoor dimensions (HxWxD)

622x824x299 mm

Energy class


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