Panasonic LZ35 (LZ35TKE)

The Panasonic LZ35 is one of the latest Panasonic air heaters. With a slim design, it fits perfectly as a replacement pump and it is both reliable and efficient even when the temperature goes down to -35 degrees. The Panasonic LZ35 is equipped with maintenance heat and is also prepared for remote control (remote control unit needs to be purchased). For surfaces up to 190 m2.

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Energy conservation with Econavi

The Panasonic LZ35 has a function called Econavi, which minimizes the impact of the air heat pump on the environment and increases the energy savings for you. Econavi is a smart feature that recognizes what weather it is and whether it’s night or day. For example, if the Panasonic LZ35 is set to provide heat, it will increase efficiency if it is dark or cloudy, and reduce heating if it gets sunny. The energy consumption is reduced and you save more money, as the pump senses if unnecessary energy is used. The function works both for cooling and heating.

The Panasonic LZ35 is designed for the weather conditions we have in the Nordic countries and therefore can maintain high efficiency all the way down to -35 degrees.

The perfect replacement pump

The Panasonic LZ35, with its modern smart design and dimensions, is adapted to easily replace an older model of air heat pump from Panasonic. Among other things, the height of the interior is the same as on Panasonic’s older models DKE and CKP. This makes it easier to keep the previous location in your house, such as over a door. The brackets behind the heat pump can also be kept and the size of the pipes is the same. If your heat pump is over ten years, it’s a good idea to replace it as today’s modern air pumps are more energy efficient and it’s good for the environment and for your own savings. With a newer pump you also get a lot of useful features such as maintenance heat, improved air cleaning and timer.

Panasonic LZ

Inverter control

The new Panasonic LZ35 is controlled by so-called inverter, also known as speed regulator. This means that the heat pump automatically keeps an even temperature when it is up / down in the desired heat or cold. This minimizes large changes in temperature and also reduces energy consumption.

The new refrigerant R32

The Panasonic LZ35 is equipped with the new modern refrigerant R32, replacing the former R410A refrigerant. R410A has a major impact on the environment and will therefore be successively removed from the market up until 2025. R32 has the ability to better move energy, making the Panasonic LZ35 very energy efficient and has been rewarded with A ++.

Panasonic LZ35 in your vacation home

Because the Panasonic LZ35 is equipped with maintenance heat, it fits perfectly in your summerhouse or home, or in other places where a lower temperature is desired. Maintenance can be set to either 8 degrees or 10 degrees.


Panasonic LZ35TKE

Indoor unit


Outdoor unit





4,72 A

Heat capacity

850-7650 W

Cooling capacity

850-4000 W

Heat capacity at -7 ° C

4600 W

Heat capacity down to at least


COP at -7 °C


Heat capacity at -15 ° C

4350 W

COP at -15 °C


Heat capacity at -20 ° C

3700 W

COP at -20 °C


Heat capacity at -25 ° C

3100 W

COP at -25 °C



4,90 A++

Inside power heating capacity

165-2300 W

Inside power cooling capacity (nominal)

170-1080 W

Annual energy heating capacity

1086 kWh/a

Annual energy cooling capacity

166 kWh/a


7,40 W A++

Airflow heating / cooling

13,0/10,5 m3/min

Indoor dimensions (HxWxD)

249x790x355 mm

Outdoor dimensions (HxWxD)

622x824x299 mm

Sound pressure level heat

46/30/19 dB (A)

Sound pressure level cool

43/28/21 dB (A)

Energy class


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