Panasonic HZ12RKE (Panasonic HZ12)

Panasonic HZ12RKE är modellen som kallas för Flagship. HZ12RKE har en unik prestanda och stor pålitlighet, därför är den en av de mest sålda luftvärmepumparna i Norden. Panasonic HZ12RKE har hög effektivitet och ger snabba resultat samtidigt som den skapar ett behagligt inomhusklimat, detta även vid låga utomhustemperaturer, HZ12 klarar drift ner till -35 °C. Luftvärmepumpen HZ12RKE har energiklass A+++ som ger energismart uppvärmning.

Panasonic HZ12RKE är perfekt som utbytespump som ett komplement till andra mer oekonomiska uppvärmningssystem. Med HZ12RKE får du hög energieffektivitet som är positivt både för miljön och plånboken. Panasonic HZ12 klarar för hus upp till 190 m2.

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Perfect as an air heat pump for replacement

The Panasonic HZ12RKE is perfect when it’s time to replace an older air heat pump or other not so-economic heating system.


Maintenance heat

The Panasonic HZ12 has a maintenance heater that can be set at 8 or 10 °C, suitable for the vacation home, atlethouse or garage.

Operation down to minus 35 degrees

Panasonic air heat pumps are specifically designed for our Nordic climate and the HZ12RKE is made to handle operation down to -35 °C.


The Panasonic HZ12RKE is equipped with the Econavi system. It provides high energy savings while reducing the environmental impact. Econavi knows whether it is night or day, sunny or cloudy and adjusts the air heat pump setting according to the various conditions. For example, if the heat pump is set to run heat, it senses whether it is cloudy or dark outside and increases efficiency. Or vice versa if the sun is out, the Panasonic HZ12 changes the setting to reduce the heating. Econavi detects whether the air heat pump consumes unnecessary energy and reduces the heating temperature by corresponding 1 °C. Econavi works both in heating and cooling operations.


Inverter controller

The Panasonic HZ12RKE has inverter control – or as it is also called speed regulator. This means that when the Panasonic HZ12 has reached the desired setting, it adjusts to keep the temperature even. It does not cause changes in temperature and provides low energy consumption, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

R32 refrigerant

New is the refrigerant R32, replacing the old R410A, which will be phased out to 2025 due to the higher environmental requirements. The Panasonic HZ12RKE Flagship has the refrigerant R32 and thanks to its improved ability to move energy, the heat source becomes much more efficient and has an energy class of A+++.

The heat resistance of the SP

Panasonic HZ12RKE Flagship provides a good heat output even when the outside temperature drops to -35 °C.

Fjärrstyrning – Styr din luftvärmepump i en app! Panasonic HZ12RKE är förberedd för att kunna fjärrstyras via sms eller internet. Möjliga funktioner på fjärrstyrning är: start/stopp, underhållsvärme eller temperaturinställningar.

Remote control

Control your air heat pump in an app! The Panasonic HZ12RKE is prepared for remote control via text or internet. Possible remote control features are: start / stop, maintenance heat or temperature settings.


The Panasonic HZ12RKE is one of the quieter air heat pumps in the market. The indoor unit has a sound level of 18 dB (A).


Panasonic HZ12RKE

Indoor unit


Outdoor unit




Heat capacity

850-7750 W

Cooling capacity

850-4000 W

Heat capacity at -7 ° C

4700 W

Heat capacity down to at least


COP at -7 °C


Heat capacity at -15 ° C

4600 W

COP at -15 °C


Heat capacity at -20 ° C

3950 W

COP at -20 °C


Heat capacity at -25 ° C

3500 W

COP at -25 °C



5,1 A+++

Inside power heating capacity

165-2270 W

Inside power cooling capacity (nominal)

170-990 W

Annual energy heating capacity

1043 kWh/a

Annual energy cooling capacity

415 kWh/a


7,60 W A+++

Airflow heating / cooling

924/792 m3/h

Indoor dimensions (HxWxD)

295x870x255 mm

Outdoor dimensions (HxWxD)

622x824x299 mm

Sound pressure level heat

45/25/18 dB (A)

Sound pressure level cool

42/28/20 dB (A)

Energy class


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