Panasonic CZ12SKE

For a comfortable indoor climate with inverter technology, spiced with airflow direction control, for well-designed surfaces. Maintenance heat and all the features you need for the best possible temperature. A good choice for you, the environment and your savings.

Fits perfectly in the summer house, year round. With remote control and control over the Internet. For houses up to 165 m².

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Folksam Good Choice 2016

In 2016, this air heat pump was appointed
“Good Choice” by Folksam

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Heat and cool operation in accordance with the new EcoDesign requirements. Comfortable warmth and cool cooling that suits our climate. All year round!


Panasonic CZ12SKE is compatible with Verisure’s “Smart Home”. This allows you to control your pump remotely with everything integrated with Verisure.

Maintenance heat

This function allows you to keep a frostless temperature when the summer house is in sleep mode and it is cold outside. It greatly facilitates this feature as you do not have to “monitor” yourself as it is automatically controlled.


Today the environment is an important point. The CZ12SKE has a new refrigerant called R32 which helps reduce the greenhouse effect.

Cooling mode

This feature allows you to maintain a nice indoor heat, even if it is -25 °C outdoors.

Remote control

A wide range of remote controls that allow you to control your Panasonic CZ12SKE remotely. Connect via the Internet and you can then control the functions via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.


When it’s cold and the outside temperature creeps downwards, it is always nice to come in and warm up. In addition, it’s safe to know that with your Panasonic CZ12SKE you have 30 years of experience packed in the product, from a well-known brand. In addition, we provide a five-year guarantee, which makes you feel safe with your purchase.


Panasonic CZ12SKE

Indoor unit


Outdoor unit




Heat capacity

850-6700 W

Cooling capacity

3500 W

Heat capacity at -7 ° C

4050 W

COP at -7 °C


Heat capacity at -15 ° C

3600 W

COP at -15 °C


Heat capacity at -20 ° C

3000 W

COP at -20 °C


Heat capacity at -25 ° C

2400 W

COP at -25 °C



4,1 A++

Inside power heating capacity

190-1990 W

Inside power cooling capacity (nominal)

195-1160 W

Annual energy heating capacity

956 kWh/a

Annual energy cooling capacity

194 kWh/a


6,3 W A++

Airflow heating / cooling

768/720 m3/h

Indoor dimensions (HxWxD)

290x850x199 mm

Outdoor dimensions (HxWxD)

622x824x299 mm

Energy class


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