Mitsubishi Hero LN25

The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 is the latest model air-air heat pump from Mitsubishi. It beats most heat pumps in terms of both heat and cold and with its smart features it will give you the best comfort in your home. It has I-SEE sensor, Night Mode and built-in WiFi. It will simply become your everyday hero!

We are an approved Mitsubishi Electric partner from Mitsubishi Electric Sweden.

For areas up to 160 m2.

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HERO colors – The Mitsubishi HERO air heat pump is available in four different designs. Natural White, Pearl White, Onyx Black and Ruby Red.

Energy saving – Mitsubishi HERO LN25 has a high energy efficiency with an incredibly high energy class of A +++. An SCOP value of 5.2 and a power (P-design) that is high design at 2.5 kW in cold and 3.2 kW in heat.

Mitsubishi HERO Energibesparing

P-design / design effect – An important feature to consider before purchasing an air heat pump. If the dimensioned power shows a high value, it means that the heat pump can heat a large area. The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 has a P design value of 2.5 kW in cold and 3.2 kW in heat.

Mitsubishi HERO uses refrigerant R32 – Mitsubishi HERO uses the efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R32.

HERO has a reduced noise level – Mitsubishi The HERO LN25 has a unique feature that is the night mode, which means that the noise level on the outdoor heat pump’s outdoor section is lowered by 3dB. This makes HERO LN25 one of the quietest air heat pumps on the market.

Mitsubishi HERO I-SEE Sensor

With an eye for detail – The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 has a detailed look with its I-SEE Sensor function and leaves no surfaces unheated. The air heat pump is so intelligent that it can detect where in the room you are and adjust its settings accordingly. You can choose to blow the air from or towards you, both in heating or cooling mode. When no one is in the room, the Mitsubishi HERO LN25 can either lower or raise the temperature two degrees. Which of these depends on the operating mode. This small adjustment saves energy.

Mitsubishi HERO LN25

Memorize your movement pattern – The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 can read the space and the air heat pump can memorize your movements and set temperatures. The air heat pump memorizes your movement pattern and can adjust the air flow as needed and can distribute heat or cooling where it is needed most. Should you forget to turn off the air heat pump on a hot summer day, then there is the function where the heat pump switches itself off.

Hyper Heating – The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 heat pump also has the Hyper Heating technology, which allows the air heat pump to continue to provide the corresponding rated power when the outdoor temperature drops to -15 ° C.

Manages operation down to -35°C – The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 air heat pump is tested to ensure operation down to -35 degrees. This ensures that the air heat pump continues to work even when the temperature drops well below zero degrees.

Mitsubishi HERO LN25 dubbla luftriktare

Dual airflow – Thanks to its dual airflow, you can easily direct the airflow you want with the remote control. When the HERO air heat pump is mounted on a staircase, it can direct the air flow to both the lower and upper floors simultaneously.

Fan mode only – Mitsubishi HERO can circulate the existing air in the room using its fan mode. The air heat pump helps you distribute the heat from another external heat source such as a wood burning stove.

Locking operating mode – The air heat pump can be locked to do only heat or cooling.

Maintenance heat – The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 has stepless maintenance heat from +10 ºC to +31 ºC.

Mitsubishi HERO has built-in WiFi – HERO comes with an already built-in WiFi that can be easily controlled remotely with Mitsubishi’s MELCloud app. This gives total control over the air heat pump. Easy to install, by simply selecting the network and entering its password, Mitsubishi HERO automatically connects to the MELCloud app.

Weekly timer – Here you can set the heat pump Mitsubishi HERO using the timer function, different operating modes and temperatures adapted to your everyday life with up to four events per day.

Fjärrkontroll HERO

Wireless control – The remote control that belongs to the heat pump Mitsubishi HERO is available in four different colors and the remote control that comes with has of course the same color as the inner part of your HERO.

Mitsubishi HERO LN25 Plasma Quadfilter

Cleaner indoor air – The Mitsubishi HERO LN25 air heat pump purifies indoor air using a so-called Plasma Quad filter that partially cleans the air from unwanted odors and removes dust and other particles in the air.

Dual Barrier Coating HERO

Dust and dirt repellent – All HERO heat pumps have a Dual Barrier Coating applied to the impeller and heat exchanger that effectively repels dust and dirt, providing continuous energy efficiency and maintaining good performance.

Good Design Award – Mitsubishi Electric’s HERO air heat pump has won the Good Design Award in Japan. For inspiring and incomparable quality and enriching everyday life.


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