AirLock 1000

Until now, it has only been possible to divert the exhaust air hose and the hot air through a window or balcony door, which can be uncomfortable. Several have refrained from investing in a portable AC. The optimal solution for balcony doors is called AirLock 1000.

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A window seal – The AirLock 1000 door and window seal is suitable for a removable air conditioner. All portable ACs have a so-called exhaust air hose that goes out through a window or balcony door. AirLock 1000 is a cloth that is fastened with Velcro.

Flexible accessories – The AirLock 1000 fits single or double hose units and fits patio and balcony doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. The exhaust air hose is led out through a zipper closure, which prevents the hot air from the unit from flowing back into the cooled room.

Holds the cold – With the AirLock 1000 door and window seal you keep the cold indoors, it is an energy saving even with doors and large windows.

Installation – AirLock 1000 door and window seals can be easily mounted between the door or window and the frame. There are two adjustable zipper openings where the exhaust air hoses can be clamped. Now the warm outdoor air is prevented from entering the room, including flies, mosquitoes and knobs.

Closed door – If only one opening in the AirLock 1000 door and window seal is needed, the other zipper opening remains invisible and closed. Doors and windows can be closed without problems after installation.

Durable material – The AirLock 1000 is made of an unpowered material that is water resistant.

Ideal for doors and large windows – Multiply the door or window height by two and plus the width. If the sum is 560 cm or less, the AirLock 1000 fits perfectly.

Benefits of AirLock 1000:

  • Increases cooling effect
  • Ideally suited for balcony doors
  • Suitable for air conditioning with one or two hoses.
  • Water resistant and washable
  • Prevents hot air and insects from entering
  • The door can be closed with the window seal fitted
  • Easy assembly
  • NOTE! The unit in the picture is NOT included.


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