Ground source heat pumps

An introduction to ground source heat pumps

Investing in a good ground source or geothermal heat pump can be a great option for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective source of heating. Ground source heat pumps are cheap to operate and have a high annual heat factor, compared to other heat pumps. They really are the best option for your wallet.

As the name suggests, ground source heat pumps use the solar energy that has been stored in the ground as their energy source. A specialised heat pump extracts this energy and provides environmentally friendly heating to your home. Once the installation is complete, a geothermal heat pump is a worry-free and maintenance-free system.

  • Ground source heat pumps have a long life of between 20 and 30 years.
  • Geothermal pumps provide an even temperature regardless of the weather and season.

Life expectancy of a ground source heat pump

Although a normal ground source heat pump is expected to last 15 years, the life of your heat pump may vary due to various factors. For example, choosing a poorer quality pump, overworking the compressor and regular wear and tear can have an impact on the life expectancy of your heat pump.

  1. The durability of a ground source heat pump depends on the number of hours per year the compressor works.
  2. Frequently starting and stopping the pump causes more wear and tear.

How to maximise the life of your ground source heat pump

Naturally, when installing a ground source heat pump, the more care and consideration you give to each of its elements, the best chance you will have of maximising the life span of your pump. For instance, choosing the right size pump and having the correct dimensions for the borehole are great ways to achieve this.

  • Choose the right size for your ground source heat pump.
  • Select a high-quality product.
  • Programme the correct settings.

To get the best life out of your ground source heat pump, make sure you have chosen the right size, if it’s too small it will work too hard. Additionally, choosing the correct settings will ensure your heat pump is not working at maximum power adding to the wear of the product.

How much will you save with a ground source heat pump?

Though you might be put off by the high installation costs of a ground source heat pump, the reduced heating costs and its long life span will provide you with some substantial savings. Not only could you save up to 80% on your heating costs, ground source heating also increases the value of your property.

Tips on buying a ground source heat pump

First of all, purchasing a high-quality ground source heat pump will ensure you get the best value from your investment. Being tempted by a cheaper product might lead to your pump breaking down sooner than expected. Secondly, make sure you use a qualified installer, the longer your pump lasts, the more money you will save.

  • Don’t opt for the cheaper product, a high-quality pump will have a longer life span.
  • Use a qualified and knowledgeable technician to install your product.

Another tip on reducing your heating costs even further is to purchase a ground source heat pump with inversion control. This means that the pump adapts to the energy needs of your home, saving you even more money. Furthermore, you can use the natural cooling element of the pump to stay cool in the summer.

Ground source heat pumps and the environment

The environmental impact of ground source heat pumps is very low as the pump itself emits no carbon. However, it is powered by electricity, meaning that whatever impact it has depends on the type of electricity you use. Having said that, the impact on the environment is still considerably lower than a standard air-source pump.

Frequently asked questions

Does installing a ground source heat pump mean destroying my garden?

No. The hole that needs to be drilled is relatively small.

Can I install the ground source heat pump myself?

No. This needs to be done by a qualified installer.

Which brand should I choose when purchasing a ground source heat pump?

Nibe is one of the best brands on the market.

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