Panasonic Heat Pumps

Panasonic heat pumps provide more than just heating and cooling solutions. They deliver unparalleled comfort, require very little space, save energy, and conserve the environment. They also match your lifestyle and can be installed in your home or office easily. These heat pumps work very well in Nordic weather conditions.

Panasonic has been making its heat pumps for more than 30 years to make your home or office comfortable. These machines can work in most kinds of weather like extreme cold or heat. Sometimes temperatures in Sweden can go down to as low as -35 degrees; our pumps can work in those conditions too.

  • Panasonic heat pumps distribute heat uniformly
  • These heat pumps can last several years and are durable

How does the Panasonic heat pump work?

For heating, your pump sucks in the outside air, heats it inside the machine, and then sends the warm air into the room. While doing so, your Panasonic air heat pump works efficiently and ensures that heat is distributed evenly in your house. All Panasonic heat pumps consume less energy and are environment-friendly.

  1. Panasonic heat pumps work efficiently
  2. All heat pumps have one outdoor part and one or more indoor parts

Panasonic Air Heat Pump Models

When choosing your model, please consider these questions; * Is that model simple to use? *How big is your house? *What is the floor plan of your house? *What are the external weather conditions. There are 7 models to choose from: LZ, CZ, HZ, NZ, CE, HE, and NE, each of which has a unique technology.

  • Choose your model according to your need and environment
  • You can have a powerful pump that uses less power.

The LZ warms up to 190 sq meters and can replace older machines. CZ models are used in holiday homes and can cool up to 130 sq meters. The HZ model can warm or cool up to 190 sq meters and is the flagship model while the NZ model covers up to 180 sq meters.

Panasonic Heat Pump Models, Continued

Panasonic CE was the precursor to the CZ model. It runs on inverter technology and is regarded for its efficiency. This model has better airflow than the above-mentioned models. The HE model was the forerunner to the HZ series and is a very powerful machine. The NE model removes dust and neutralizes the air.

Controlling the Panasonic Heat Pump with a Mobile Phone

Now you can control your heat pump via SMS, Wi-fi or through the Panasonic mobile app. All the Panasonic models except CZ 25 and CZ 35 work with Wi-fi. However, you need to buy AirPatrol for Wi-fi compatibility. Our heat pumps can also be operated through remote control and manually on the unit itself.

  • You can operate your heat pump remotely
  • AirPatrol is needed to control your heat pump with a mobile device

Controlling your heat pump via SMS or Wi-fi has several advantages. First, you don't have to keep looking for your remote control. Secondly, your pump is in touch with you at all times, and lastly, you can even change your temperature settings when you are far away from your home.

Reasons for Choosing Panasonic heat pumps

These machines are energy efficient as they take in outside air, heat it, and redistribute the warm air while consuming very little electricity. Panasonic pumps can also work in very low temperatures; some of them can even work as low as -35 degree celsius. These machines work very easily with direct-acting electricity.


Can my heat pump work in a garage?

Yes, it can, but choose the right model for optimum heating.

Is there a product guarantee?

There is a 5-year guarantee upon the purchase of your pump.

Where will my order be shipped?

It will be shipped to you directly or a Schenker terminal.

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